Funeral Services

All types of services for all types of people......
All types of services for all types of people......

Some people prefer traditional funeral services.  Others prefer cremation.  Some want an elaborate ceremony; and  then there are others who don't want any ceremony at all.  When it comes to funerals, there are as many options as there are people.  And we take pride in being able to say we offer them all.

In addition to funeral services our staff also provides the following services.

Pre-Planning and Pre-Payments (Funeral Insurance)

There are many advantages to planning a funeral ahead of time. By pre-planning a funeral, difficult decisions will not have to be made during a time of grieving and stress. You will be able to visit a potential resting site and have time to decide on and compare options. Thought can be made to whether or not cremation is an option you may want to choose. Your wishes can be put into writing to give your family direction when the time for the funeral comes. Our staff will help you plan so that your family can carry out your wishes.

Because we are a licensed insurance agency, we can offer families the establishment of insurance funded funeral pre-payment plans.  No matter your age or circumstances, we can find a plan for you.

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Online Memorials

We can set up an online memorial for your loved one. Our online memorials provide information for guests about the funeral services and also provide a tribute to your loved one. Guests will be able to gain information about dates, times and locations of funeral services. Guests will also be able to make donations and sign a guest book through the memorial. The family will have access to the memorial to add photos to create a photo gallery for their loved one. By providing information to guests about services, our online memorials help lessen the load on a family during a difficult time. The memorials also serve to pay tribute to your family's loved one.


We will prepare an obituary to be published in any newspaper for your loved one.

Veteran's Benefits

We will help you secure your potential veterans benefits, such as burial flags, government markers, memorial certificate and a burial plot.  For more information go to

Social Security

We will notify the Social Security Administration of the death. We will explain and help you apply for any benefits you may be entitled to through Social Security.  For more information visit

Death Certificates

We will help you in obtaining a death certificate which can be important for insurance purposes as well a host of other issues.   To order additional copies of a death certificate, call our office, or order online at

After Care

Sometimes the loss of a loved one can be especially painful. We understand that the grieving process does not end with the funeral. We are here not only to help arrange the funeral, but to help families cope with the loss of their loved one. There are a wide variety of grief resources available and we will help to point you in the right direction and begin the healing process.

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